Monday Night Check-In

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So, it’s been interesting around here. Just going to share a super short update for tonight.

My stepdad brought the covid home and was doing a good job of quarantining yet one by one, we all got it regardless 🀣. Grandma was doing okay until one night when she turned white and started shaking. Sent her out on an ambulance and the hospital has kidnapped her…she has been gone for 12 days!? She had a bit of covid and a bit of pneumonia which they patched up right away. She got some strange infection while in the hospital and has become immune to every antibiotic they give her. Missing her a LOT, and today is her birthday. Poor grandma 😭.

This was my second round of the covid and I slept through 4 days 😬. Nothing much getting done around here πŸ˜‚. Hopefully grandma will be coming home in the next couple of days and life will return to normal. It’s SO QUIET without her here.

Wishing you all an awesome and healthy Thanksgiving week!


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