I should have watched a trailer or something before playing this as I wasn’t prepared for the emotion overload. This is a beautiful movie of a guy who loves a dog and builds a robot while surviving an apocalypse. Sounds pretty simple when you say it like that but what a journey! I was devastated, hopeful, laughing and crying and completely engaged with the story. Epic.

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Added to Lists: An Epic Quest, Top 100, Once Upon A Disaster

Available on Apple TV in November

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LOVED IT.” -Review on IMDB

Great film- lousy reviewsWhen I read some of the low reviews for this film, I weep for this society. Jaded, sophomoric, wouldn’t know a good film if it bit them in the butt.” -Review on IMDB


Future is Android not iOS – Apple vs Right to Repair” -Review on IMDB

Just wow…smh

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