Night Teeth

Loved the look of this film, awesome cinematography, great sets, interesting and charismatic characters. The ending was rather cheesy but alas, it was also sweet which doesn’t happen often so kinda love it. Overall a great vampire story with plenty of blood sucking mayhem.

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Available on Netflix in October

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Megan Fox Covered In Blood Cinematic Universe” -Review on IMDB

I don’t think this guy even watched the movie – Megan Fox was in it for like 2 minutes 🙄

Sucking blood” -Review on IMDB

This one is funny as it is falls in between like and dislike. My annoyance with it is they start out saying they like vampires and it sucks when they aren’t portrayed correctly. Surefire way to make me gag 🤣. And I even agree with this person on the fact that Twilight sucks but still. There is no right or wrong way to do any vampire, zombie or monster. But I guess that’s just my opinion 🤪.

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