Calling all my artistic (& or sarcastic) friends

It’s no secret that I am not really awake at 8:00 am to post my Good Morning posts. However, I really enjoy scheduling them. That comes from the days when I sold farm fresh eggs and used “wake on the sunnyside” as a marketing campaign on the Facebook (linked to by qr code inside my egg boxes cuz I love qr codes and fancy packaging 🤣).

Back then I posted silly garden, farm and animal posts. I think I enjoy these new artistic, sarcastic and motivational posts even more!

Thing is, they are doing pretty well and definitely the most pinned from my boards at the moment (see Pinterest info below). However, I would like to be more intentional in what I post and share.

Searching out artistically done humor is okay, but if YOU have something that would make an awesome beginning to someone’s day, I’d love to promote YOU instead of a random find. (Of which they aren’t necessarily random as it takes me awhile to search out the bestest content, but you get the idea right?)

Why morning humor or motivation? Mornings are HARD AF and I think that giving someone the opportunity to start their day out on a happy note can make a huge difference in how that day goes. It’s coffee in digital form 🤗. I’m speaking from experience here as someone sweet recently started sending me good morning messages and it really brightens the start of my day 🥰.

If you’re interested in promoting your work, send me a message – I’d love to hear from you!


Top Secret Pinterest Stats here…don’t share🤣. The top saves are all from my L❤L board, which is one of the few things I pin from here. These numbers are on the low side but this whole website rebrand is kinda new so I’m super happy with them. They keep going up and I’d like to get a better strategy to share content from creatives that I can connect to in place now before too much time passes.

PS – if you aren’t using Pinterest to promote your work yet, it’s awesome and I highly recommend it (it’s free – no ads needed).

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