Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Tom Hardy and Venom are so adorable! Woody Harrelson was awesome of course, this is my favorite type of character for him – the crazy serial killer 🀩. Naomie Harris as Frances – damn she kicks ass! Super fun movie, great action pacing and some great feels.

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I really enjoyed getting to witness the path of symbiotic acceptance between Eddie and Venom – and it felt like that was really what this movie was all about. Living with each other because they had to but not happy with the situation, testing out going their separate ways and then coming back together and realizing that they really need each other. A nice emotional journey that was hidden within the main storyline.

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Carnage of fun!
-Review on IMDB

This sequel is a loud and frantic mess” -Review on IMDB

This guy didn’t like the first movie so he felt obligated to see the 2nd? SMH


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