Monday Night Check-In

Nathan Drake, Uncharted. Painted by my kiddo, 10th grade

I got a scary text from my kiddo the other day that said: going jeeping in the rain in the desert love you I’m scared lol. Followed shortly by nvm we lived. 😱😭. That girl 😂. I think her love of adventure really was inspired by the Uncharted series and the amazing graphics and adventures that Nathan goes on (see the jeep photo below). We are both anxiously awaiting the movie to be released in 2022. Anyway…I wish she would refrain from at minimum, telling me when she is doing crazy stuff. A simple I love you would have sufficed and I’d have never known how close she was to danger 😬. She does that shtuff on purpose 🙄.


Uncharted – I plugged in my old computer to transfer some files over to a new one I just got and found my Uncharted photos that I thought were lost when I left Facebook. SO HAPPY 😎. I recommend saving your game photos to a USB (you can find tutorials on YouTube) instead of the FB/Twitter upload – much less chance of having them disappear forever when you rage quit social media 😂.

Zombie Army 4 – I’m only 1 trophy away from getting another Platinum! So exciting 😁. 😘 to my zombie slaying companion – killing zombies is always fun but you have brought that to whole new levels. And then some 🤪. First he made me a god in Borderlands and now he saves me from the zombies 🥰. Such a sweetie.


What’s almost as awesome as zombies? Vampires! Starting my Top 10 Vampire Book Series on Tuesday (which is tomorrow for me yet today for you 🤣). I feel a lot of pressure on this one to get it just right – everyone has their fav vamp story and I just know my list will create some kind of weird controversy. Ah well, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a good argument 😂.

Movies & TV

I will go see the new Venom this week. There, I’ve said it so it will happen 😁.

A while back I rewatched the 1986 version of the Little Shop of Horrors. I for sure enjoyed that one more than the 1960 version which I rewatched over the weekend, but probably only because it’s a musical. Jack Nicholson’s part at the dentist in the 60’s version – probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen 🤣! There is a new movie in production…I’m a lil skeptical, perhaps it’s a joke as the cast is rumored to include Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans. Should be interesting at any rate.

October Movie List:
Monster Movie Madness (view current list on IMDB).  Got a movie that I should watch?  Send me a message.


Grandma was a little under the weather over the weekend. Fall weather changes for the most part I think – allergies. You can always tell when she is hurting more than usual or isn’t feeling well as she gets a little crabby. I have to really try not to laugh when she gets crabby – it’s so out of character for her and it’s mainly directed at my mum so that’s even better 🤣. Horrible of me I know 🙄. She was doing much better today and thankfully it looks like we will avoid a trip to day spa (emergency room).

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.


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