My New Favorite Website – Intellisult

I was just updating ratings and clearing some movies off my IMDB list that I watched over the weekend and I got to Black as Night. It’s currently rated at 3.7. I wasn’t going to post a review for the movie but after seeing that rating, kind of feel obligated to (should get auto posted Thursday at 6pm if you are sitting in anticipation to read it – haven’t finished putting it together yet as I got sidetracked 🤪).

Now, normally I wait to read reviews until after I finish writing mine, but that score just begged me to check them out. Seriously, what is wrong with adults? I cannot understand why an adult would watch a movie targeted for teens and then rate it like it was made for them personally. This movie is about a bunch of teens and vampires, and it’s an Amazon Original. What are they expecting, a X-rated bloody gore fest? If so, you are on the wrong streaming service. For those that take offense at teen behavior and how they interact today, jeez – grow up already! That sounds so stupid but honestly, wtf.

So, anyway, that made me think that I really need to up my Special Features game – a crown and a poop emoji just don’t cut it. I need some fancy graphics to add. That led me to look up clever insults that I could name the poop award – I’m old, it’s late and I need help 🤣. I found the best website ever – Intellisult. It’s been around since 2011 so why haven’t I stumbled across this before? I’ve really been missing out!

I honestly thought Cum Guzzling Pacman was one of the worst things I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading (thanks Cards Against Humanity 😂. ❤ You). But alas, I was mistaken. I have so many options now I may have to make a new sticker every couple of weeks….here’s my first 3 results:

  • egregiously subliterate varmint and a horribly atrocious scruffy-looking cesspool of sub-human filth.
  • is a confoundedly ill-bred Neanderthal and a fecal chronically flatulent display of indecency.
  • is a conspicuously appalling delinquent and a malingering thick-headed molester of small furry animals.

And now I present to you my first Poop Award Sticker – it’s not pretty but I’ll keep working on it:

In conclusion, this website is a blast. Check it out at I even offer my name up as a test subject – danela. I’d love to see what it has to say about me 🤣.

xoxo and have fun,

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