Dean Koontz, a favorite author

Dean Koontz is one of the few mainstream authors that I love. My mom is an avid reader (even more so than myself ) and I devoured all the Koontz books she brought into the house, starting at a very early age. His stories never fail to be unique, engrossing and gripping. I’ll admit to not having read most of his recent work, but whenever I need to clear out a bad reading experience, I pick a fresh Koontz story to get lost in.

If I had to pick a favorite book, the first Odd Thomas novel would be my choice.

Level Up – Awesome Author to Outstanding Presentation

As a lover of digital spaces I like to peruse websites and some of my favorites include visiting authors sites to check up on what’s upcoming. In my opinion, it has taken a while for most authors to really get the hang of carving out a digital space for themselves. I’m not sure if this was mainly due to publisher limitations or just lack of technological skill. The first authors to really impress me were Jim Butcher and S.M. Stirling. Nowadays, the best authors are killing it by creating community spaces that extend way beyond a traditional website.

As for Mr. Koontz, there’s no doubt he’s a master of his art and has completely embraced technology and what it can add to a readers experience. I’m sure he has an amazing team that has helped him to achieve such success, yet it is so obviously inspired and branded by him. Moving pictures within a kindle book? Simply beautiful!

One of my favorite monthly newsletters comes from the desk of Dean Koontz – if you are interested in writing newsletters, you can pick up some amazing ideas from them. He’s got a very unique, personal and fun style and they are a treat to read.

What’s your favorite Koontz novel?

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