Movie Overload? I Use IMDB

998 movies on my Watchlist 🀣. I am surprised it keeps letting me add more. Here’s what I absolutely love about IMDB – I can sort all those movies by Release Date, Type (Movie, TV), if it’s available in Theaters or Streaming, a specific streaming service (say you only have Netflix), how long it is, by genre and more.

What starts out as an overwhelming list of titles to watch can become much more manageable by making a few choices and hitting refine. I’m on a horror binge right now so here’s that refined (gives me a list of 91 titles, which I could of course refine more by choosing only one of my streaming subscriptions.

Just to clear up what the hell I’m doing with so many titles on my watchlist – I’ve already seen at least 50% of them but either want to rewatch them or just haven’t figured out what list they should go on πŸ™„. About 10% are TV series I will probably never get to – those have a much larger time investment and I don’t really care so much to get into a big commitment πŸ˜…. Trying to get through Fargo right now and it’s taking forever. Kinda feel obligated as a Minnesotan to watch it. It’s alright, loved the movie and I love Billy Bob but yeah, it’s really looong and a tad painful. It also makes my accent more pronounced after watching it for some reason 😭.

Anyhoo. IMDB has come a long way and it continues to impress me with improvements to their site and app. No one has been around longer and no one offers tools quite like this.

The monthly streaming guides are awesome. I can browse each list and quickly add titles to my watchlist or open up a movie to rate.

Probably the only downside are the ratings and reviews – never trust ratings. I’ve never been in sync with any ratings providers – if the vast majority of ratings are bad, that means I’ll probably love it. Reviews are something you can ignore for sure, I just like to see what other people thought of a title after I watch it. These either make me really mad or laugh at the blatant stupidity of people in general. Not you of course but randos who have no good reason for writing a review πŸ€ͺ.

In conclusion, IMDB is great for everyone – those who can never find something to watch (visit a list connected to a favorite movie to get ideas) and those like me who have too many options. It’s available on every device and it will even launch your movie app (such as HBO or Tubi) directly from the movie page.


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