Leave the Lights On

Screams, Gore, Creepy .. Horror that leaves you feeling anything but warm and fuzzy.

Would these movies (or have they) make my sister or mom jump while watching it? YES 🤣. Extra points go to any movie that manages to surprise me. Obviously, there are many missing movies here…I’m working on it!

View this Movie List at IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls084712757/ .…I love IMDb lists – you can find out what streaming service is playing a movie right now or where to rent it. Click the link and check it out 🤩

Top 5

I grew up reading Stephen King books and watching all of his movies. They’ve definitely left an impression on me. When It aired on television, I was in the 5th grade (if I recall correctly) and we lived in a 5 house community in the middle of nowhere. It was dark and spooky, with corn fields all around. I was the only one home in the evenings and even though it was creepy af, I just had to watch this. Smart? Yeah…probably not so much as I now have an insane fear of clowns but truthfully I haven’t lost my love of searching for that next best scare. Hope this list helps you find yours!



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