Gimili Fun Pack

So, I may have mentioned that I was unsure of completing my Lego Dimensions Collection because the game DLC is no longer available in the PSN store. I only have a small amount to get, so just going to do it to at least say that it is a complete collection 🤣. SO CLOSE! Just got this one from eBay 😁.

All I need now:

  • Ghostbusters Story Pack
  • Batman Movie Story Pack
  • Powerpuff Girls Team Pack
  • Chase McCain
  • Hermoine Granger
  • Starfire
  • DC Comics Team Pack
  • Jay
  • Nya
  • Legolas
  • Lloyd
  • Ban
  • Supergirl Exclusive

PS…. Don’t ask how much money has been invested in this collection 🤣. I did get a few as presents so…not as bad as it could be.

Without the game DLC, it’s difficult to put the vehicles together to spec – but I did find an app for that 🙃. Track your collection and get all the build notes with the Collector-Lego Dimensions Edition, available in an app store near you!

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