This film has so many levels and I am afraid to read the reviews because it affected me on a personal level, the film description is so bare that you really don’t know what you’re walking into. The story may not be ultra original, but it was beautifully done. Maybe you have to have experienced something like this to actually get how spot on it really is? All kinds of monsters hide behind civil masks every day.

Warning-Possible Spoilers:

I think it’s fairly easy to get the gist of where the story will take you early on. I want to hate it because it brought some pretty unwanted memories, but I think that is what also makes it such a great psychological thriller – you can see the exact moment on Meera’s face when she begins to question whether or not she truly knows her husband. And that’s just it – you can’t know another person 100%, especially when they are doing their best to be perfect and hide that other part of themselves. The logic that gets thrown out when it comes to light – terrifying but from their perspective makes complete sense. This is a cautionary tale for anyone that could find themselves as a perfect target for those hiding their true natures of monsterhood. Trust your gut instincts, they are more powerful than you know.

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