Jeepers Creepers

This title popped up as a notification from Tubi the other day and I was like heck yeah I’ll watch that again! Jeepers Creepers combines a road trip family comedy with a seriously twisted mythical killer who was supremely bad azz scary and well done.

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Available on Tubi in September

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👑: “Lighten up people” -Review on IMDB

💩: “It`s Not Often I See A Film As Insulting As This” -Review on IMDB I don’t think I’ve ever seen a review as insulting as this 🤣

4 thoughts on “Jeepers Creepers

  1. Interesting to know, thank you! Just jumped over to read his bio on IMDB. Definitely not something I endorse. Does that take away my enjoyment of the movie? I don’t think so, as I never really go into a movie thinking about all the real people involved unless I know about an issue beforehand…. such a troubled world we live in in any case.

    1. Yea I am under the same idea. I mean he wasn’t the lone creative guy on the film so it doesn’t fall under his name entirely. It’s not like bill Cosby who was a one man show. Thus making his entertainment cringey

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