Monday Night Check-In

I am an Ultimate Vault Hunter 🥳😎! Okay, so truly I am just an okay vault hunter BUT I finally got my Platinum Trophy in Borderlands 3 😂.


Borderlands 3 – Look at all those shiny trophies 😆! I still have a ways to go yet, there’s a ton of little things yet to do so I’m not done playing in the Borderlands just yet.

Zombie Army 4 – Finished up Season 1 DLC and will be starting Season 2 tomorrow night. This game is so intense, still loving it!


Part 10 is scheduled to hit the press at 6pm Tuesday! These posts were very fun to put together and I’ve polished them up a lil bit (linking and minor things). Now that my list is complete I went to Goodreads to compare it with others. Only 1 was listed on the Best Zombie Apocalypse Series list so far so I added 9 more. If you want EVEN more zombies (zombie books are like potato chips, once you start you can’t stop!), check out reader favorites:

In non zombie related news…Started reading Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger. It’s very good but I’m still not sure what kind of book it is, I’m thinking mystery thriller? It was probably an Amazon Prime First Read – there’s very little real information in the description. It’s taking me forever to reach 50%…and I’m wondering why I keep adding books to my kindle 🤣.


Came to the conclusion that I need to be more diligent in keeping an eye on what Grandma wears each day. Does taking a photograph every day sound too crazy? I started to leave new clothes out but she wore the same thing all weekend…not good 😑. She’s usually changed out of her pj’s already by the time I get up, but a photo would at least remind me to get her redressed if needed. Going to test it out this week and if nothing else, I’ll have lots of fun pictures to keep 🥰.

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.


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