Monday Night Check-in

More randomness 😂

I finally went back to Etsy…I forgot how SO FREAKING EASY AND PAINLESS the listing process is compared to eBay. The reason I was avoiding it is the upfront 20cent fee per listing (which lasts 4 months) whereas with eBay you only pay fees when an item sells. If I were to list 200 of my magnets on Etsy, that’s $40 bucks plus the end payment processing fees if something sells.

With the new Etsy Pattern website option, I think it will work out for the best – I can list some items directly on the Etsy platform and the rest on Pattern. Honestly the headache free listing process is worth the change. Check out my shops! For reals – let me know what you think 😘.


Borderlands 3 – Last week someone who jumped on to play with me while I was streaming made me an in-game god. Just hands out epic modded gear to random people like me I guess 🤣. It’s kinda silly of me but after a lil bit of playing without dying and being able to one-shot kill things I started to feel weird about it – takes a lil of the fun and challenge away. I’ll save that epic gear for when someone drags me through Mayhem Level 10 on True Vault Hunter Mode – a reality that I have no place visiting 😂. Except for the grenade, I’m in love 😍. It’s so much fun and does come in handy when I run into a really crazy situation.

Zombie Army 4 – I finished the game and started on the Season 1 DLC. I wish I had modded gear for this game – it’s so INTENSE. And just when you think everything is calm, easy and almost peaceful a mob of suicide zombies start rushing you. It’s at moments like that that I wish someone was there to save me from the horror 🤪.


Next week marks the end of my Top 10 Zombies Series topic. It’s been fun picking them out and trying to remember what I loved about them. I was so confused about the negative reviews for Mark Tufo’s Zombie Fallout series that I jumped back in at the beginning and am now on book 11. I stand by my original rating, these books rock! And my mind works crazy similar to Mike Talbot’s so it’s a trip to read.

Movies & TV

September Movie List:
Leave the Lights On (view current list on IMDB) Got a movie that I should watch?  Send me a message or share it here.

I scale the scream factor for scary movies on how many times I think my sister (or mom) would jump if we were watching it together. There’s almost nothing funnier than seeing that 🤣. If I jump or get creeped out – it’s epic, real life scares me more than any movie usually accomplishes. Occasionally a book will require me only to read it in daylight. I had to stop playing The Last of Us in the middle of the night 😬. Movies just don’t generally have that effect on me.

Malignant really was an awesome mix of everything I love in a good horror movie! You can find my review here.


It’s almost autumn, my favorite season in Minnesota even though it’s followed shortly after by the dreaded winter. We had BLT’s for supper tonight and my grandma was soo happy to have some garden fresh tomatoes. Her reaction was priceless 🥰. We don’t have them very often anymore because her tomatoes have to be de-seeded, which is a frustrating process 😅. Eating a BLT is like tasting summer. Add chilled cucumbers in ranch (w/onion and fresh dill with other random herbs) as a side dish and life is just about perfect… damn, now I’m hungry!

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.


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