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I watched Alone (View on IMDB) on Hulu tonight. It was pretty good yet I did a lot of yelling (okay, not yelling but thinking loudly) at the lady in the film. Yes I know it’s a movie and it wouldn’t be a movie if the character did the smart thing – but why wouldn’t she have at minimum told her parents that she thought she was being followed when she talked to them on the phone?

I’m the type of person who is super paranoid, I admit this. I always spot the exits in a building, steer clear of roads and properties that scream serial killer alert and try to be aware of my surroundings and all the disasters that could descend at any given time. I kinda think I’ve only survived this long because I have that strange imagination or thought process.

Knowing this about myself I have to wonder why I love these horror/thriller plots so much. Is it because I get to call out all the wrong choices or add a new thing to avoid to my ever growing list? In the case of this movie, I for sure wouldn’t have tried passing that jeep to begin with – the road itself was pretty sketchy. Anyhoo…

What about you? Do you enjoy this kind of horror/thriller?


YouTube Shorts – I find it strange that YouTube has created what is basically a TikTok experience within the larger YouTube environment. I get it (and I’m sure they 100% know they are copycatting), but I also think they should at least be more unique in their 60 second clip approach.

It’s awesome that they’ve opened up the opportunity for all creators to potentially earn revenue-bypassing all the regular requirements (subscriber number, views, etc.).

It’s not awesome that they are limiting this “feature” to vertical only and there can be no watermarks (if you want to be potentially included in their monetization scheme).

This irks me greatly because I love creating short films out of my gaming videos (60 seconds-perfect! 10+ minutes for the regular scheme-too lengthy and just leads to a lot of annoying filler content), but making them attractive for a vertical screen is hard af. And then sharing the content beyond YouTube for a different sized screen?

So far I’m not impressed. I have gotten waaay more views within YouTube, so maybe it will be worth it in the end. I’ve decided to make it to clip #60 before switching back. In all honesty it’s just for fun anyway so it shouldn’t bother me šŸ¤£.


Life….it keeps on keeping on.

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far šŸ˜˜.


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