At it’s core, this film is a romance story. I had zero expectations when I hit play – didn’t watch a trailer or read anything about it beforehand – just figured most of my picks for the past week had been oldies and wanted to catch something new. I found it slow paced but the mystery plot was well done and the characters were good.

The graphics for this movie are amazingly done (despite what the CGI haters claim).

They definitely could have explored different aspects of this story and world in which it takes place, but that wasn’t what the film was about and the little pieces we got seemed to be just filler for that main storyline.

Personally I wish they would have sped up the speed of the main story and included more history, action and drama but the story they wanted to tell (tragic romance) was spot on and the mystery and sci-fi are solid.

After giving it some consideration, they deserve the 10 stars. Glad I was able to catch this on HBO Max due to the slow pacing but I imagine the rich and surreal environments would be awesome to view on the big screen.

Added to Lists: A Good Whodunit

Available on HBO Max and in Theaters in August

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I must not watch much in the romance/mystery category – I thought this was a pretty unique storyline – global warming, memory scanning and hologram capabilities, how the mystery plot was played out… Idk, seemed pretty as original as you can get nowadays. I don’t think all the 1 and 2 star reviews are fair – people just annoy me greatly, especially when they get behind a computer screen and write reviews.

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