Monday Check-In

Lego Dimensions characters do not enjoy being in a box for extended periods of time… It looks like they went to war with each other 🤣. They are put back together and shelved now, but I discovered a very sad turn of events while rebuilding – the game DLC is no longer available on the PS store 😭😱🤬. I’m torn because I wanted to eventually complete my collection, but is it worth it if the game pieces won’t be useable in game? That’s a huge $$ investment for something that will just sit on a shelf. What do you think?




I’ve been reading The Deathless Quadrilogy by Chris Fox. It’s not as easy a read as his Magitech Legacy or Chronicles. I love the concept (zombies, vampires, werewolves were actually biologically created a long time ago and the sudden reappearance of ancient pyramids bring them back when the world enters a new age). It’s good but truly jumps around a lot and there’s just so much going on that it’s a little tedious.

Movies & TV

Free Guy is the 2nd movie that I’ve gone to see by myself in the theater (the first being Black Widow a few weeks ago – and that was because my parents invited my ex over for dinner and I didn’t want to be here for that 🙄).

Going solo was a big step for me which may sound weird as I know some people go to the movies alone often. I’ve either always had someone to go with or end up waiting for a movie to release at home instead.

With most of my time being spent with my grandma now, opportunities to get out and do things are rare and kind of spur of the moment. I figure it’s about time I go and do something I enjoy, even if it’s by myself. I’ve been waiting for Free Guy to hit the big screen FOREVER! So glad I was able to see it right away 🤩.

August Movie List:
Legendary Heists (view current list on IMDB). Got a movie that I should watch?  Send me a message.


This week grandma and I are on our own – my mum and stepdad are up north enjoying their annual family vacation that includes a lot of booze, cards and hilarious fishing stories. We may throw a wild party or two of our own… I’ll let you know 🤪

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.


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