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GIF Mayhem – I’ll be honest with you … it took me awhile to embrace gifs and memes. The inner art lover/critic in me just cringes through most of them. That could be because most of the gifs and memes I see are on Discord and being posted by young gamers from other countries who have really bad taste (or are just the complete opposite from me 🀣) -idk.

I’m slowly learning to love them. Gifs really are a quick way to express a feeling or sum something up, and memes can be pretty hilarious.

Tonight I decided to try making my own gifs to add to the movie review that’s scheduled to post on Tuesday (The Game). Giphy makes that super easy and I now have a total of 3 created πŸ˜‚.


Zombie Army 4 – Have I told you how strangely terrifying this game can be? Porcelain dolls that laugh and move, photos hanging on the wall that randomly come to life and truly creepy locations.

Something I never noticed before because I usually wear headphones is the scary sounds that come from the controller when you are in pause/menu screen. What do you think…


The majority of everyone’s stuff is unpacked and put away. I’ve been avoiding helping my mum unpack and organize her office and eBay loot for sale, mainly because if and when I do it, she will complain 🀣. Her idea and my idea of organized are 2 very separate things. Grandma’s room is painted (2 shades of purple) and full of all of her beautiful shoes and other knick-knacks.

She took the move very hard, it took her weeks to stop asking who’s house we are in. She’s slowly adjusting. It’s hard because even though she can find all the important things (her chair, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen) she is unable to remember how long she has been with us, where she is and sometimes who she lives with. Dementia and moving do not mix well 😭.

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.


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