The Rocky Horror Picture Show

My love of The Rocky Horror Picture Show began one Saturday night at a tiny theater in St. Paul. I had no idea what I was in for, but my best friends new boyfriend was part of the cast so she made me go. I cannot recall seeing the movie beforehand – it probably would have been something I enjoyed but it’s hard to say for sure. Nothing compares to seeing this for the first time on the big screen with a live cast, props and a crowd of shouting people. We religiously attended the monthly show and the obligatory Denny’s meal with our fellow misfits until life took us in different directions.

I’ve brought my mom and aunt and many other virgins to see the show over the years – it’s always super fun to see people experience it for the first time 😈.

This photo was taken on the day I got to go see the Stage version (I always dress up – so much fun!😂 )

If you ever get the chance – I highly recommend it!

What to do if you want the full experience of RHPS but not sure where to go? Check out this website for show times and locations:

If you can’t make it to a showing with a cast or a stage production, I recommend finding a copy of the 25th Anniversary edition dvd that includes tons of special features. I’m not sure what’s on the 45th Anniversary edition, having gotten a copy of it yet.

Some theater casts may have videos available on YouTube as well. By this point I’d almost bet on it.

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💩: I shall not even acknowledge any poop said about this movie 😑.

mmm… Tim Curry 😍

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