Wednesday Night Check-In

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9 DAYS UNTIL CLOSING DAY!!! I’ve started packing up random stuff. It’s starting to feel like we are really going to be leaving purgatory at last 🤗. What began as a short 1 or 2 month temporary place turned into 8 months. We are all super happy to have a new place to move to finally.


Borderlands 3 – I began my True Vault Hunter adventure finally! It was super easy to kill stuff right away, which I found a lil odd so I mixed it up and went to Mayhem 5 🤣. Harder for sure! I’m glad there isn’t a trophy for beating the game on Super Badass or something – this game was huge and that would take forever.

Zombie Army 4 – Found out that Solo Campaign is different from when you play with friends…so the section of the game that I played last week needed to be redone – major bummer! It was hard but I got through it and on through the next chapter. Yeah me!


I read the Outcast Marines 9 book box set by James David Victor (who is actually a wife/husband co-author team, kinda cool) and it was pretty good. Recently I had finished a different set by them that was in the far future of the same universe. It was interesting to go back and learn more about how the outcast Marines came to be, but I’ll be honest and say that I can’t recall much from the previous set except that I enjoyed it. I’ve read too many space books 😆. Or my mind is losing a lot of information. Or it’s a mix of both 🤪.

Movies & TV

I had to escape the music/musical movies because -Overload! Monster hunter was available on one of my aps and it was pretty good for a video game based movie. Mindless action fun. I remember there was controversy after it released, but alas, I enjoyed it.

June Movie List:
Movin N Groovin (view current list on IMDB (there’s a lot I need to add yet). Got a movie that I should watch?  Send me a message.


Grandma has been in good health overall. She has moments of remembering that we are moving again soon but she has forgotten who my mom was a few times and how long she has been here. She surprises me with moments of super clear memory recall – stuff from her childhood and when she first married my grandpa. These moments are getting rarer and I cherish them. After supper it’s as if she is a whole different person – she’s full of confusion, worry and very restless. That’s sundowning 😔.

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.


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