It felt to me that the characters and camera were hinting at something that I should have “gotten” or understood right away. Like I was missing something major – beyond just the fact that the mom was a soldier who did time for dealing and the father had died and the fallout from all that. How did they know no one could sleep right away after the event? Is that something that had already been part of the backstory that I was missing? Idk. The movie was top notch in every way except for the storyline. I was missing a major piece of the story and an extra 5 to 20 minutes would have probably helped clear that up – or did they just cut out so much as to make it unclear?

Added to Lists: Once Upon A Disaster

Available on Netflix in June

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💩: I disagree that this was too dumb to watch, it still has enough of the pieces to consider it a mindless good disaster movie:

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