Repo! The Genetic Opera

There are 3 musicals vying for the top #1 spot on my favorite musical list. All 3 are favorites for different reasons and are also in my Top 100 movies of all time – The Rocky Horror Picture Show (review coming soon), Newsies (it came out at an age where I freakin loved it and it stuck with me) and this – Repo! The Genetic Opera. I almost hate to say this but of the 3 I may love this one the most.

It has horror (super gory), it has sci-fi, it has good music and the characters, costumes and overall atmosphere are dark, fun and just so awesome. You can find a ton of fan art revolving around this movie – the tag line didn’t lie – it was an instant cult classic.

Probably the most peculiar thing about this movie is that it was my first inclination to compare that oversized orange man child and his family to the GeneCo family when they began showing up in the news. It didn’t surprise me when he became president, but f*ck it sickened me. The slick, sleezy car salesman who can sell you anything but in fact is just an all around bad person. In the case of this movie he sells you organs to improve your lifespan/cure disease… then repossesses them when you fail to pay. I wasn’t the only one who saw the resemblance between the two families, which is perhaps scarier to me than our fate turning out to be like Idiocracy. Idk…watch the movie, see if you get the same vibe. Despite the unfortunate place my mind now goes, this movie is still kick ass.

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👑: To quote: “A Gothic NIGHTMARE of epic proportions!! but such a sweet one , Enjoy darlings!!”:


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