In the Heights

I debated on my score for this – it was between 8 to 10 but all the headlines on Yahoo today made me go with a 10 – and it’s pretty high rated on IMDb so far. The only fault that I can think of would be it’s long, but as I was multitasking at the time, that didn’t bother me. I found it to be light, artsy, colorful and the end was a fun surprise. I liked getting a glimpse – even if it was a Broadway view – of the culture, struggles and life of the folks in The Heights.

I just read a review on IMDb that said there wasn’t enough “controversy” or “no bad guys” in this story – I say that person didn’t pay attention to the story as there was plenty to be found – the beautiful thing about it was that the characters didn’t let that overwhelm them – their outlook on the struggle was mostly upbeat and showed that they could overcome. So, in summary – this was a colorful, culturally heartwarming family friendly musical – great job!

Added to Lists: Movin ‘n Groovin

Available on HBO Max & in Theaters in June

A short video from the people involved in the movie – sorry it doesn’t embed here 😑

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