Wednesday Night Check-In

A house has been found 🤗.. closing isn’t until July 2nd or so, so not moving out of purgatory just yet, but this is super fantastical happy dance worthy news 😆.

I’m sure many of you are melting in the heat wave sweeping the nation-I hope you have the chance to escape the inferno. I normally love the heat but we don’t have an air conditioner so it has been a rough few days. Trying to keep grandma hydrated has been hard. Her nurse visit was today and her body temp was at 99 – not because she’s sick -just because of the heat 😬


Borderlands 3 – I flew through the latest DLC so fast on Sunday – I don’t think I got any pictures, just video. It was an interesting addition but not very long and there were no challenges or side quests, kind of a bummer.

I’ve spotted rumors about a possible new game addition that may involve Tiny Tina…that would be awesome but I don’t want to get my hopes up too much. The big reveal happens Thursday or Friday, so not long to wait.

Zombie Army 4 – I went back through the first 2 chapters to pick up all the gun mods and other treasure so my gear is getting stronger. Really enjoying this game and it looks like it could go on for a long time, lots of DLC and online play that I haven’t looked at yet.


Just finished #5 of the Frostborn series by Jonathan Moeller. It took me a few days to get back in to the story and remember all the characters. It’s a great series but everything has hard to pronounce and obscure names that it’s a chore to read at times so it took me all week to finish.

Sometimes I just wish the folks who write stories like Tolkien would just use boring names like Bob and New York…not everyone is a master at creating new languages and world building. When I have to shorten everything to the first 3 letters for every other person or place being talking about, kinda takes away from the story. Idk…maybe that’s just me being lazy 🤡.


I was undecided on which movie list to work on this month – it was a toss up between horror and musicals. Musicals won out because there are a few I want to rewatch like the Little Shop of Horrors. I forgot how awesome this movie was 🤣. The perfect mix of comedy, cheese and music. That’s why I’m posting this so late…just watched 3 movies on HBO/Max. They have a nice selection.

June Movie List:
Movin N Groovin (view current list on IMDB (there’s a lot I need to add yet). Got a movie that I should watch?  Send me a message.

Oh. Almost forgot, I also got caught up on The Umbrella Academy on Netflix – love that show! Have you seen it?


Not much to add – the best news was posted above. Moving is not a fun thing, but this time I can say that I CAN HARDLY STAND THE WAIT!

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.


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