A Boot for my Grandma

I’ve been having fun playing with Procreate 😁.

Searching for coloring pages that won’t overwhelm my grandma that are not obviously made for children, is harder than you would think as the coloring craze is still going strong. Alas, most have too many lines and she just doesn’t want to color anymore which is sad because it’s always been one of her favorite things to do.

So I made her a vintage boot color sheet and we’ll see if that entices her πŸ€”. She used to collect shoes – glass, ceramic and metal. She had a beautiful collection that she passed on to her grand and great-grandchildren.

This was super fun to create so I fancied up a few digital boots. When I get a color printer I’ll probably use the graphics to make some magnets as well 😊.

Feel free to download the color sheet or graphics – I’d love to see any projects you create with these!

Download a plain color page:

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