This is a work in progress and I reserve the right to update it at random 😜. 


Best View

This site was created on a desktop and is set up to look best on a desktop or tablet. You can, of course, view it on a phone but that may be troublesome. I haven’t viewed/tested it on mobile.

Welcome and Warning

So, again, welcome to my organized chaos! I’m glad you stopped by, truly I am. I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t attempt to make it clear that this website is not here to please anyone but myself. You may run across something that doesn’t appeal to you – and that’s perfectly acceptable. I’m not in this to change your mind, be an influencer or a people pleaser. You are under no obligation to agree with me, click on a link or even stick around. 

Not a Role Model

I’m not rich and famous nor am I striving to be. I should under no circumstances be considered a role model as I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Mine is not a success story yet for some reason a lot of people ask me for advice – I give that freely yet expect you to live your own life and make your own decisions and learn from your mistakes as well as other peoples. Take me seriously or not, I usually don’t. 

Origin of my Domain Name

I had a business website with this domain name-I did consulting work for many years (graphic design, websites, running social media, putting together events and other random junk) and I gave it all up and walked away from it. What does one do with a website branded with their own name that is not a portfolio or business destination? Kinda making it up as I go 😂. My current brand is Chaos.

Content to Expect

I like to read, game, listen to music, watch movies and contemplate the madness of the world and the crazy stupid shit that keeps me up at night. So I plan on sharing those kinds of things. I’m also a caretaker of my grandmother who has dementia and a semi caretaker for my mother who has fibromyalgia. When it comes to myself, I avoid the hospital like it’s on fire but am pretty sure I’m on the path to some serious mental and physical crap of my own. Such is life.

It’s hard for me to sit idle, so while chillin with my grandma, I make magnets out of random materials. I have over 300 of them at the moment and so really need to start selling them 🤣. It’s a lil time consuming posting them online, but they are being slowly added to my new shop on Etsy. Artisans are some of my favorite people so when I run across awesome stuff I share links.

Random Info About Me

I’m an idea person who hates it when people say someone should do that yet they take no action on it. When someone tells me “you can’t do that” I often prove them wrong and do it. If someone asks me Why? I say Why not? I have done some epic shit in my life while also struggling with major demons and phobias. Some people would also say the majority of my day to day life is boring yet I am never bored. I’m an extroverted introvert who happens to be Sagittarius – quite the contradiction in itself if you know anything about the sign. I was born GenX and the definition of a GenX’r is pretty much spot on. My mom is often a child to me and my child has often been more adult than me. Basically, I’m a walking contradiction and highly unpredictable. 

The Struggle of “Speaking My Truth”

The main thing I’ve been struggling with while getting all of the pieces put in place for this shiny new “rebranded” danelahiggins.com is the damn thing has my name all over it 🤭. I want to be open and honest, but if people that I left behind when I ghosted the world (there IS life after Facebook) run across it, are they going to be pissed if I say what I want or need to say? That’s a tricksy question to be sure. Telling my story with no names is a simple thing, yet how private is that to those who know me irl. Idk… all I can say at this time is sorry, not sorry. I’ll try to behave, but make no promises

About That Thing I Didn’t Acknowledge

I used to be pretty up to date on all the things that were hot topics and on point with holidays and what not… seriously I don’t have the energy or time for all that anymore. If I’m not updating my social icons to reflect support for an issue or cause it’s not because I don’t support an issue or cause … if it harms none and is something that contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of the earth or it’s many forms of diverse people then I’m all for it. Count me in. Just don’t expect me to know about it or have the capacity to promote it. If you feel the need, remind me about it and we’ll go from there. 

In Summary

That’s all I’ve got for now which is a lot and probably too much but alas, it’s that time of night when if I start writing something it can transform from a simple statement to an essay. If you read through this, thanks! You deserve a cookie…sending you one through the interwebs mentally right now!

true thoughts from an American Misfit, [she/her/hers/trying to be humanish, maybe]
xoxo, Da’Nela

[cover photo-Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com]

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