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Top 10 Zombie Apocalypse Book Series


I love zombies – zombie games, zombie movies, zombie tv shows and especially zombie books. Why? I have no idea 😆. It may be because out of all the possible monsters out there (besides aliens), the possibility of some form of zombie showing up is, to my unscientific mind, pretty good. I can imagine a disgruntled super genius working in a basement lab somewhere mixing up concoctions that create the zombie outbreak that ends the world. The zombie bee parasite – scary stuff!

Do I want a zombie apocalypse? Probably not, but I’ll admit that it’s fun to imagine it and I’m obviously not the only one who thinks so… Could the spread really be contained inside a city or country? I don’t think so, just look back at 2020 and the spread of Covid-19 for the answer on that.

The thing I think that I love most about these monsters are there really are no rules when it comes to the zombie genre. They often show up as extras in fantasy stories as creatures raised by the evil villain. They could be lab created, created by mother nature or a supernatural phenomena, they could be unearthed from ancient ruins or brought here by space debris. They also come in many shapes and flavors – some are human only, others can cross species and many also are affected by their environment (bloaters from being in or near water are the grossest thing ever!). Zombies can be truly scary or super funny or fall somewhere in between.

What ingredients make a good zombie apocalypse story? To me, it has to have characters that are well created and relatable- that doesn’t always mean they have to be likeable in the sense of starting out as a good guy, but knowing their background and how they connect to others in the story are pretty important to being able to relate to their adventures. Examples of this done badly – Zombie Day Care by Craig Halloran and the Final Awakening trilogy by J. Thorn.

You don’t always know how an apocalypse starts, however, for a good story you should have some rules within it such as how it’s spread, what attracts them and how to kill them and these should be believable within the story being told.

Humor – a dash or two of humor goes a long way towards making a horrible concept livable. Some of the best characters in any zombie apocalypse are the ones who can face the horror with a little humor.

Looking at my list of thisistheend-zombie-like-apocalypse books on Goodreads, I’m picking out 10 series that were worth the time to read and had kick ass characters and epic stories within.

Top 10 Zombie Book Series List:

  1. Arisen by Michael Stephen Fuchs and Glynn James
  2. Sheriff Penny Miller by Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon
  3. Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo
  4. Living With the Dead by Jesse Petersen
  5. The Tide by Anthony J Melchiorri
  6. Zombies! by R.S. Merrit
  7. Zombie Crusade by J.W. Vohs
  8. The Extinction Cycle by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
  9. The Undead World by Peter Meredith
  10. Green Fields by Adrienne Lecter


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