Georgina Kincaid Series

Series Overall – 4/5
A succubus who belongs to hell but leans more toward heaven…a wicked fun twist for the urban fantasy genre.

Good versus Evil, Fate and a succubus who’s in love with a mortal, what can go wrong?

Editing Quality – 5/5 

Series Storyline – 5/5
Each book has a solid beginning, middle and end. You get a clear sense that the author has a possible ending for the series in mind and she doesn’t disappoint. There is a great cast of characters that could be explored further.

Characters – 5/5
-main characters are well defined and interesting

Unputdownable – 5/5 
Great pacing, silly situations and story arcs that I wanted to discover the ending to.

Cover Art – 4/5

Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Mystery, Mythology, Folklore


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