A Touch of Revenge

Overall – 4/5
Revengeful, exciting, super twist

What lengths will the last head of a terrorist organization go to to get revenge? 

Editing Quality – 5/5 

Storyline – 4/5
solid beginning, middle and end – carryover from book 1, but the series could end here (this is book 2 of 7 currently). The story is believable within it’s universe, I don’t know how true to life it would really be however. Loved the ending and was right in line with what I was hoping for.

Characters – 5/5
-favorite character, Tommy – well connected, smart, and funny mobster

Unputdownable – 5/5 
Fast paced and a race against the clock

Cover Art – 4/5
Neither cover I’ve seen is super great or really connected to the story.

Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Action, Terrorism, Special Ops


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  • Thrills and Chills

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