Freedom’s Fire

Overall – 4/5
dark, humorous and non-stop

What are the defining differences between humans and an alien race that can communicate telepathically and that has only a few technological advances? They could catch us by surprise but how long can their reign last? 

Editing Quality – 4/5 
needs improvement but didn’t detract from story too badly

Storyline – 4/5
solid beginning, middle and end to each book that connected to the overall story arc. There were some unanswered questions remaining and possible future arcs to explore

Characters – 4/5
-favorite character, Brice – he’s been through some shit and he kicks azz in a dark, humorous way
-main character Dylan was well developed and he knew when to lead and when to follow which is always a refreshing characteristic.
-there were some characters that could have been explored in more depth, my overall impression of most was that they were created to be cannon fodder

Unputdownable – 5/5 
unpredictability of the human characters made me want to know what was going to happen to them next which makes having the complete box set worthwhile – I didn’t have to wait for the next in the series

Cover Art – 4.5/5
the box set art and the individual book art are good and make sense, the only addition I’d like to see is the series number on the cover and not just the spine art 

Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Space Exploration, War, Military, Dystopia, Aliens, Space Opera


  • Kindle Unlimited
  • Embrace the Future in Sci-Fi
  • Thisistheend Zombies-Not-Included
  • Hostile Alien Takeovers
  • Favorite Box Sets
  • Awesome Cover Art

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