Wednesday Night Check-In

I spent the weekend goofing off with the Sketchobook app on my iPad, which I got namely for the portability of it and the drawing capabilities. I haven’t really drawn or sketched anything in a very very long time…most of the art I do anymore involves computers or mixed media that’s basically just gluing stuff together 🤣. Waay outta practice and kinda bad at it, but I had fun converting some old random drawings into digital format. I’ll share a couple here and then post them again later if anyone wants to print and color them-free printables are always fun.


Borderlands 3 – I actually finished the crew challenge I was worried about! You can read about that here.

I didn’t live stream because it would have been super boring watching me try to complete that. Can’t wait for this Sunday to roll around so I can finally start the newest DLC. (sure, I could play it before then but Sunday is my designated official gaming day… all good things in moderation or I’d get nothing done, ever.


Zombie Day Care….was really pretty awful. It came in a boxset and I was almost going to try book 2 because the first was short but decided I need less bad books in my life. I hate writing bad reviews so I didn’t. I read a review on Amazon for this book and the person thought it was awesome, they compared it to a b movie. Now, if this had been a b movie, perhaps I would have enjoyed it but I felt like it was written by a teenage boy (which is wasn’t) and it wasn’t well written. Bleh. On to better writing with Gary Ponzo. Trying really hard to clear off some of my Kindle Unlimited list.


I semi-watched the new Mortal Kombat movie on HBO/Max this weekend. I wasn’t really paying attention to it so that’s an issue 🙃.

Tonight I chose Dark Waters by random from my IMDB watchlist. Jeezus, that was a horribly good movie. Emotionally draining and makes me want to go live in the woods away from all these awful humans who have given corporations the ability to get away with this shit for so long. For all of these things that come to light (so thankful for those who dedicate time to bringing justice), just think all the stuff we don’t know about.

If I remember my conspiracy theories correctly, the DuPont family is also one of the reasons why hemp products became illegal in the states. Don’t quote me on that, as all that I really recall was that it was a plastics company involved in getting those laws passed back in the day. Greed. Which just begets more greed and corruption.

I needed a stupid funny movie after that rollercoaster, and The Watch was the first comedy I spotted, great stupid humor to wash away the horror.


Grandma has been sundowning pretty hard this week. It may have to do with all the conversations currently going on about moving. No perfect houses in our location so starting to look beyond the original goals. We are all getting super stir crazy and tired of being in this spot that was only supposed to be temporary but is now going on 7 months. It may not be so bad if my parents oversized furniture had been placed differently when it was all brought in. The porch has all of the fancy buffet/dining room furniture mostly facing the walls, a mattress and headboard that couldn’t be moved upstairs because of the angles and of course, most of our belongings are in storage. On the plus side – we have a roof over our heads which is always a good thing.

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.


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