Fustercluck Off – Borderlands 3

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! After much cursing, frustration and figuring out which gun I shoot best with… I finally completed all of the Signal to Noise challenges. Go Me! 😂

My time with the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC came to an end, with Ye Who Enter being the last trophy to earn. What a wacky puzzle that was 🙄. Annoying, but the game was based inside a pyscho’s headspace, so …. whatever 🤪. I had to look up what I was missing, because seriously, wtf. Those tiny hidden buttons were insanely evil. If you haven’t finished the DLC yet want to join the elite club (Ultra Rare Trophy! 😎) this is the video that helped me.

I’m now at 82% (for all content) / 92% (main game only) complete for Borderlands 3 trophies, SO EXCITING!

Fustercluck had some pretty kickass art, both beautiful and nightmarishly twisted. The heart wrenching loss of Maya was felt by all, and probably Krieg most of all. What a sweet way to show tribute to one of the greatest Borderlands characters. I enjoyed this look into Krieg’s mind and discovering more about him.

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