Wrath of Man

To sit in a theater and see a movie again! Lovely 😊.

This is what I call an Artsy Fartsy movie done extremely well. Lots of pauses for dramatic effect. Lots of dramatic footage of the city-amazing cinematography. Timeline jumped around a bit but told the story of “how we got here” well. I wanted one person to be the inside guy and it sadly wasn’t him-it could have gone either way. Not as action packed as I was expecting but very intense when the action happened. Overall – loved it!


Added to Lists: Shoot’em Ups and A Good Whodunit

Available in Theaters in May

Special Features

πŸ‘‘: short and sweet https://www.imdb.com/review/rw6871487

πŸ’©: try harder to come up with a reason to dislike this, smh https://www.imdb.com/review/rw6895002

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