Wednesday Night Check-In

2006, me and my kiddo, Ren Fest Costumes

I’m not a photo person. I love taking photos but I hate being in them. My baby (who’s not really a baby anymore at 19 but, you know, yeah she is 😂) wants to do photos for Mother’s Day. I say blah, she says I have to. I told her we have some photos already of us. She says not really. I say, that’s okay, we’ve got lots of photos of you. I don’t think she grrr’d me, but I probably grrr’d her a couple times during this conversation. I may yet find a way to get out of any photos. Here’s to dreaming!

This week I wanted to fancy up my WordPress. I was using a free theme which was perfectly fine until there was something I ran into that I couldn’t do. I don’t recall what that thing was now but it led me on a search for a new theme and I must say, this one has everything a person could want! I’m loving it 🥰

Scrapt & Altered

EBay is one of those websites that should be thrown out and started over from scratch. Seriously, the thing is like Frankenstein’s monster. I swear it seems to have been updated with patches on top of patches without taking design or order into consideration.

On the surface, it looks good. After you start selling and you see the other side – it’s kind of a nightmare. My mom has been listing stuff on there for awhile now, and at least once or twice while she is in the groove of posting stuff she will run into a wall somehow.

It’s not just her though, I find it increasingly frustrating and I’ve technically been using eBay from the beginning and I’m semi tech savvy. I opened a new store and just want to quickly and easily add my listings to store categories. Fat chance that’s happening. I tried the bulk edit form and kept getting errors because of listings with Charity Donations attached to them. They must switch up that list every month or so, Idk, but I finally just gave up. I will have to edit each and every 240 items that are currently posted just to add a category. 🤬. Ridiculous. The settings for everything are all over the place. It’s like – dudes, just pick a nice simple format with things located centrally and stick with it already.

So, I’m looking at other outlets. Etsy is okay, but I don’t care for their shipping. I like Etsy for posting things that are downloadable but not physical items. Store Envy is interesting. I’m not sure how stable it is as a sellers platform though – will test it out with a small amount.


Borderlands 3 – I finished the Bounty of Blood DLC, now to work on the trophies for Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck.

Zombie Army 4 – I like it! I may not make it far but it has sweet graphics. When you make a special shot (like a head shot) it shows it in slow motion, that’s fun if done in moderation.


On 2nd book for the week, The Void of Muirwood by Jeff Wheeler. Awesome author and I always enjoy traveling through his books when I’m not cursing him for some tragic disaster that’s befallen the characters lol.


Movies I didn’t write a review for… browsing thru Tubi I found 4 to rewatch:

Good Luck Chuck – I needed a stupid funny movie, added to Comedy Bliss

Junior – Arnold + Danny = classic good comedy, added to Comedy Bliss

Now and Then – a little dramatical slash girly for me, but still, a good movie to watch while goofing off online, added to Excellent in their Genre

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – love this movie, added to A Good Whodunit


It’s been quiet. Actually, it’s hardly ever quiet around here – grandma likes to watch tv (namely old game shows) with the volume at 110%. NOISE POLLUTION I TELL YOU! Her deafness is making me go deaf. Okay, I’ll be honest, I was already on the road to deafness, too much loud music (but some things you just have to listen to loud). Her tv habits drive me kind of bonkers but I love her so I have invested in headphones to try to drown it out. I would feel too bad wearing earplugs. I may change my mind on that soon if we don’t get outta this purgatory apartment soon.

Life … it continues.

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.


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