Cute Magnets for our Camper

Finished Magnets

My mom is decorated our camper with 70’s style woodland animals. She wanted some cute magnets for the fridge in the camper so she picked up these buttons to have transformed.

The first step to transforming buttons into magnets is to get out the handy Dremel. I very carefully cut off the button rings and smooth out the backside so there is a flat surface to place magnets on.

Once that is done, it’s time to select the correct magnet size and get ready to glue. I use E6000, which I love and hate. I love it because it’s super strong and dries quickly. I hate it because it’s super strong, correcting a mistake sometimes cannot be done. 🤣

Neodymium Magnets are awesome strong but can be tricky to work with as well. I have to keep an eye on them while the glue dries, as they have been known to cause mischief.

I try to keep pieces far apart and as flat as possible. If you get the magnets too close together and walk away, you may come back to a totem pole of mixed parts.

I’d love to see any magnets you’ve created using similar techniques!

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