Awesomeness of Map Genie

While working on obtaining the Platinum (hopefully) Trophy and collecting all the treasure in Borderlands 3, I ran across this app. Sometimes I need a little help and I’m not too proud to admit it 😂. I LOVE IT and plan on revisiting Days Gone when they release the maps for that.

There’s hidden features in my Borderlands 3 Map – not only can I locate and track all the Echo Logs, there’s A SUPER BADASS COMPLETIONIST CHECKLIST! I’m in love 😍.

Want to know where to find every legendary weapon/shield/class mod in Borderlands 3? There’s a list for that as well. You don’t need a subscription to use the app but at $10 a year for access to this & all the other guides – I call that a sweet deal.

My Borderlands 3 Trophies (getting closer!):

PS-I get no special reward for this, I just find it super helpful and wanted to share.

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