Wednesday Night Check-In

This video was made with Animaze. Found this fun app while looking for a way to add myself as a cartoon character to my live gaming on Twitch. Requires too much effort (& a Steam installation) for me to work with – my computer is super sad, but it was fun to create a character and try out on my phone.

Wednesday Night Check-In intro, I get lost sometimes. Check-ins will help refresh my short term goals. I need to make a Disclaimer for this website – it’s mainly for me and if anyone finds a bit of value in it, that’s awesome but I’m not looking to become an influencer (yikes) – just create a central location and order to my online life. I’ve had my branded domain name forever, it’s just transformed from a business site to a personal site (my life shifted a bit and I closed my business, took a break from the world and then opened this new site here. Welcome)

I’m hoping to introduce Risky Quest for Answers this week…a project that’s been stewing in my brain for a bit. If I get to it, I get to it. Not going to stress.

This week I got lost in Tumblr and YouTube and I need to dig in to eBay and the Partner Network again. I really love where I’m at with Tumblr. eBay, bleh.

YouTube – I had to be sure that it was okay to use my Twitch videos on YouTube before I jumped in there. I know that “everybody” does it but there really wasn’t any language on Twitch that states that it’s okay. With the streaming services that I’ve been testing you can live stream to multiple platforms, so I’m going to take that to mean I can use my recorded vids everywhere I want to.

I don’t plan to live stream to YouTube at this time, but I wanted to put my Million Ways 2 Die videos in a playlist. And as I’m a lil crazy, I wanted them a smidge branded which up until a couple weeks ago, they weren’t. Had to edit about 30 videos, and thankfully – that is now done! Yeah – feeling accomplished lol. Check out the playlist here.


MediEvil – I’m not playing this anymore 🤣..I know when I’ve met something I’ll never pass. It was a cute game but it kicked my butt.

Borderlands 3 – Loving the addition of daily challenges. Loving the fact that Gearbox is still paying so much attention to the game and series and not selling out to microtransactions.

Remnant – I was feeling like I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing next here, I have not progressed much. So I looked it up. Turns out it’s mainly a boss fight game, and it doesn’t progress like I’m used to. If I can ever level my character up enough to beat the first boss I’ll try to continue it. Enjoy the art and playstyle, just annoyed with running into a farming for exp wall.


I’ve been distracted so I haven’t gotten much read this past week but added a lot to my to read list. I received an invitation to apply to Discovery, which is part of Reedsy and after giving it some consideration, I applied to be a reviewer. Still awaiting news on that.


I’ve been slacking on posting reviews … and watching movies. Theme for this month was comedy, but I haven’t really watched anything truly good enough to satisfy the Comedy Bliss list I’m putting together. I did catch a few movies that I’m not going to do a review for:

Cats – I saw this at the Orpheum in Minneapolis as a theatre production and enjoyed it. The movie however, IDK. Just didn’t feel right to me. Added to Skip This list.

The Laundromat – Good, but eh, was more of a Conspiracy Fix watch.

Plus 1 – Good, but not really my thing.

Paper Man – For what it was, it was good. Overall just mostly bizarre to me.


We are still in “Purgatory”. Weather hasn’t been nice enough to spend time at the new campsite.

Last week was super busy for Grandma – 2 days with visits to the clinic (plus an extra visit for her 2nd vaccine dose), out to eat twice and church with my sister and her family on Saturday … she’s wore out. She’s been sundowning pretty strongly the past few days, starting at about 7:30pm and going in 30 minute cycles. She can’t remember the past year and thinks she’s just arrived. She’s been very emotional and it’s been a struggle staying positive and redirecting. Thankfully my mum is pretty good at talking with her and I do the redirecting (time for a snack grandma, let’s get you settled back in your chair). Nothing on her schedule this week besides the in home nurse visit and church. Hoping the calm will, well, help bring her calm 😅.

Think that wraps up where I’m at right now. Yep. Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.


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