Just got a fancy theme for my Tumblr, loving it! There’s actually a lot you can do to customize your tumblr if you know where to find the settings and have a little bit of coding knowledge. I’ve had a Tumblr for a long time, but really didn’t start using it until recently. Still kind of a noob 🀭.

As a blogging platform it’s rather simple but offers a nice alternative if you don’t want to invest in a website (like wordpress). Downside is I’m not sure that there is an easy way to post a list of tags. When looking at my Tumblr I’m able to click on a tag and it will show me all of my own posts with that tag so I can get the url (https://danelah.tumblr.com/tagged/Humor) and I suppose from there I could create a Note page to list them out. That sounds super time consuming, maybe someone has found a better way to go about that? An exploration for another day.

An alternative is to get to the footer where you find the Archive link but I’m not sure if this is easy to find in Infinite Scrolling or how often Archive links are found by users (https://danelah.tumblr.com/archive). The Archive view is actually kinda cool and it gives you view options for months, post type and tags.

The best thing about Tumblr is the active community. For me, it’s perfect as an extension to my website – I can auto set my posts from here to go there. This doesn’t always work and look awesome though, for things like videos I post them in both places. This may be due to the fact that I schedule the majority of my posts, idk.

I enjoy spending free moments browsing through my feed (people I follow) and the explore page. Looking forward to growing and increasing connections in the unique and creative tumblr community.



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