Power of Fans

“Sony admits it made the ‘wrong decision’ and will now keep storefronts open for classic PlayStation games after fans complained” read here

(love this wallpaper from my Vita 🥰 … I don’t have it anymore but still have the wallpaper 🤣)

It’s awesome when a company listens to it’s consumers, and when it happens, it should be applauded.

Truthfully, I’m surprised at the complete 180 that Sony took away from backward compatibility and supporting its older systems. I chose Sony and the PS2 over whatever Microsoft was doing at the time for this specific reason – the folks making the Xbox were basically saying hell no to backward compatibility and its consumers who wanted it and PlayStation was embracing and supporting it. Both companies seem to have completely flipped sides 🤨.

I’m happy that they are listening and taking action to continue providing access on these older systems.

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