The Quickening

The Quickening, The: Today's Trends, Tomorrow's WorldThe Quickening, The: Today’s Trends, Tomorrow’s World by Art Bell
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Open your eyes to the reality of the world around us. Get a scary glimpse of what the future will be like, and why. And just because I’m nuts, doesn’t mean this book will make you nuts…..I already had been!

PS-I’ve got a signed copy of this! My friend got it for me as a xmas gift one year, that’s so cool!

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I had a goal for the year to do more book reviews, even if they were super short. Let’s just be honest here – I’ve been slacking. Here’s one I found from 2008 that just made me laugh 😆.

I’ve read this and The Coming Global Superstorm a few times. I learned something new today – this was originally published in 1971! Crazy, I had no idea or if I did I’ve forgotten it. I am a fan of old school Art Bell and his Coast to Coast AM radio show and I really enjoyed this read. I haven’t kept up with him much after he initially left the show but heard some stuff that just made me smh. I still have my signed copy, damn… now I’m feeling a tad nostalgic 😐

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