Full of snarky humor, sweet moments of humanity, and an interesting look at 1930’s and 40’s Hollywood. I’ve noticed that I’ve been watching more biographies recently and that hasn’t been intentional… perhaps they are just making more of them that fall under other categories that I enjoy (in this case I love Gary Oldman, and that is why I watched it).

An aside – I never go into a biography thinking it will be a 100% accurate depiction- so I don’t understand why anyone does. They are all told by one person or groups perspective, and even when we look back on our own life moments we embellish, change or misremember. So to go in to a biography with the expectation that there will be no embellishments, changes or misinformation involved – IDK, just seems the opposite of smart to me and it really annoys me when people do that. It’s a work of fiction, based on a real life something, created for entertainment purposes. Embrace that or don’t commit your time to watching it because when you do watch it, it just ends up upsetting you and in turn makes you want to write a long essay on all the things wrong with it… which in turn annoys me. Don’t annoy me. (jk, that obviously has no impact on you and I don’t care either way 🀣). Just please stop taking the biography genre so literally.

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