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Once upon a time, Netflix had an awesome community section (when it was investing a lot of time and money in it’s movie matching algorithm). It was a forum where you could befriend people who had the same movie tastes as you and where you could create and share movie lists. I spent a lot of time rating movies and chatting with my fellow movie lovers.

Sadly, this community didn’t last very long and all of my original movie lists that were painstakingly put together on Netflix have been lost somewhere in cyberspace. (side note on lesson learned – be choosy in beta projects you get involved in. It’s hard to invest time and passion to them with the ever looming threat of deletion or buyout just around the corner, or in the case of Netflix when I first ended relations with them – just bad management. Brand loyalty isn’t so important to me anymore.)

I very much miss my movie lists and have undertaken the task of trying to recreate them, if only partially, on IMDb (which has been around forever and is now part of Amazon – I didn’t notice when that happened but I’m just going to embrace it). In order to ensure that I don’t lose these newest versions, I’m keeping backup copies πŸ˜‚. Why? I’m embracing the “collector” in me, so don’t question it πŸ˜‹.

A note on my Movie Reviews: I’m not a movie snob – I enjoy a variety of genres and I rate on enjoyment, quality and genre. Movies are an escape, so they don’t need to be believable as long as they are believable within the universe the story takes place in.

In addition to top rated, award winning movies I love b-rated movies (I heart Bruce Campbell 😍 and old classics that have giant monsters that can be killed with salt or some such silly weapon). As long as the experience of watching a film is enjoyable, or if you can tell that the people involved with making the movie tried to create something worthwhile, I’m going to rate it pretty well.

Pet Peeve: I’m extremely annoyed at people who “overthink” and write long, horrible reviews for things … honestly, why do you even watch movies?! Especially if you don’t like an actor/actress, just don’t watch it πŸ˜–. (side note – I may have to start sharing some of these with my reviews, just because)

Also, I’m too lazy to write a traditional review of most movies. 3 to 5 words and a simple star rating system can generally sum up how I felt about it. I may even throw it on a list. My thought is if your review is longer than a standard paragraph, I might as well have watched the movie and skipped your review (which will probably piss me off anyway if I had watched and enjoyed the movie) … so I try to avoid getting too wordy … kinda like this post here. Oops 😱.

In summary, now you have an idea of why I like my movie lists and what my “reviews” are all about. Hope you find something worth browsing and find a new title to add to your watchlist!


Movie Lists you can check out here (the rest are on IMDb)
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*Blood Sucking Mayhem (vampires)
*A Good Whodunit (mystery)
*Thrill Overload (thriller)
*Favorite TV (tv shows)
*An Epic Quest (adventure)
*Comedy Bliss (comedy)
*Legendary Heists (action)
*Conspiracy Fix (thriller)
*Movin ‘n Groovin (musicals)
*Leave the Lights On (horror and thrillers)
*Wild Justice (westerns, cops and the mob)
*Hostile Alien Takeovers (sci-fi, horror, comedy)
*Time for A Road Trip (adventure, drama)
*Not Your Average Romance (romance)

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