-2008, Grandma Clara and my kiddo at the MN Renaissance Festival

Spring 2020. My beautiful grandma moved down south to live with me. After my kiddo’s graduation and some other big life changes, I now find myself living with my parents again in order to care for her. One of my biggest wishes has always been to have her closer and it had been many years since she was able to travel down to the southern half of the state for an extended stay. I’m thankful that I get to spend this time with her. I’m honored that when the choice had to be made in order for her to stay in MN, she chose to be with me.

She’s now 88 years young. Her health struggle is hard to witness… constant back pain from a life of hard work, dementia and a battle with getting her to gain weight and drink more fluids… she is still the same sweet, crafty and stubborn grandma I’ve always loved despite all of that and more.

She has good days and some not so good days. It’s heartbreaking when she forgets that she has moved, who she is living with and where we are in the world. It’s heartwarming when she is crocheting and reminding us that she will eat anything as long as it’s not fish (which isn’t true but is good for a chuckle).Β 

I know we have many challenges ahead, but I will cherish them them all.Β 

Da’Nela, an American Misfit, [she/her/hers/trying to be humanish, maybe]

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