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You know those awesome headlines for articles you see on Yahoo or another such website that you really want to read or see the photos for? So, you click on them. Then you end up having to figure out where the hell the actual content is because it’s basically just one ad after another? I f’n HATE that. That’s excessively flashy advertising.

You won’t get that nonsense here. However, there are ads so the banner is my warning 😘.

I’ve turned off WordPress Ads and will promote a variety of things that I find helpful or enjoy. That means less cookie tracking is taking place here, and the ads you see aren’t targeted to you specifically. I have also joined a couple affiliate programs so if I share content that provides some sort of benefit to me, I’ll let you know (such as my posts tagged Minions Wanted).

“Contract or no, I will not bow to any sponsor… Maybe I’m wrong on this one, but for me the beast doesn’t include selling out.” -Wayne Campbell, Wayne’s World 😂

Wayne Campbell, Waynes World Movie Quote

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